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No passwords are required to access the following  old syllabus resources. Please note that the two November question papers that do not have mark schemes attached, still have solutions written for them.

The old syllabus papers were marked out of 60 and, if the pass marks are not stated below, take the following as a guide: A - 45, B - 39, C - 34, D - 29, E - 23.

Advice on using the mark schemes.

Question papers with mark schemes: Hand written solutions:
bulletJan 01
bulletJun 01
bulletJan 02  A44, B38, C32, D26, E20
bulletMay 02 A49, B43, C37, D31, E25
bulletNov 02 No mark scheme
bulletJan 03  A46, B40, C34, D28, E23
bulletJun 03  A44, B38, C32, D26, E21
bulletNov 03 A45, B39, C33, D28, E23
bulletJan 04  A44, B38, C32, D27, E22
bulletJun 04  A36, B31, C26, D21, E16
bulletNov 04 No mark scheme
bulletJan 01
bulletJun 01
bulletJan 02
bulletMay 02
bulletNov 02
bulletJan 03
bulletJun 03
bulletNov 03
bulletJan 04
bulletJun 04
bulletNov 04


Revision by topic
bullet Newton's 2nd Law and Connected Particles
bullet Projectiles
bullet General Motion

To retrieve the required solutions into Acrobat Reader you need to type the following information in the Enter Password Protected Area box and click on the Login button:

bulletUser Name:  An exercise or examination from those listed below.
bulletPassword:    Available from your teacher once you have attempted the work.
bulletPractice Paper A and Practice Paper B for the current syllabus are here together with Mark Scheme A and Mark Scheme B. Hand written solutions are available below.

New Papers:

Jan 05  Jun 05  Jan 06  Jun 06  Jan 07  Jun 07  Jan 08  Jun 08  Jan 09


Solutions are available for the following:
bulletExamination Papers:
bulletVideo Solutions:


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