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View the MEI Core 3 Specification and the MEI Core 3 Specimen Paper

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bulletUser Name:  An exercise from those listed below.
bulletPassword:    Available from your teacher once you have attempted the exercise.

Core 3 Practice Papers

Practice A     Practice B  (B Insert)   Practice C  (C Insert)   Practice D

A Mark Scheme    B Mark Scheme     C Mark Scheme     D Mark Scheme

Core 3 papers with mark schemes:

Jun05    Jan06    Jun06    Jan07    Jun07    Jan08   Jun08   Jan09   Jun09  Jan10

Solutions are available for the following:

bulletCore3ex4A  (chair)
bulletCore3ex4B  (fish)
bulletCore3ex5a  (wall)
bulletCore3ex5b1to10  (floor)
bulletCore3ex5b11to20 (moose)
bulletCore3ex5c (tray)
bulletCore3ex5d (switch)
bulletCore3ex5e (bear)
bulletExamination Papers:
bulletCore3PracticeA (hat)
bulletCore3PracticeB (light)
bulletCore3PracticeC (map)
bulletCore3PracticeD (disc)
bulletCore3May2005   (card)
bulletCore3Jan2006    (oil)
bulletCore3Jun2006    (pod)
bulletCore3Jan2007    (bulb)
bulletCore3Jun2007    (chair)
bulletCore3Jan2008    (gate)
bulletCore3Jun2008    ()
bulletCore3Jan2009    (cat)  
bulletCore3Jun2009    (mat)
bulletCore3Jan2010    (pin)


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